The History of Eden-Design

1969 Foundation of “EDEN KUNST UND METALL” by Hans-Hermann Skischuweit-Eden and Friedrich-Hannes Skischuweit
1969 – 1973 First production in a garage
1973 Construction of the first production hall + electroplating hall 500 m2
1980 Expansion by building a further 1000 m2 production hall “EDEN-WERKSTÄTTEN – Kunst & Metall”
1984 Friedrich-Hannes Skischuweit leaves the company and sets up a small workshop in Australia
1980-1990 First prestige projects with PanAm, Mosque Mekkah & Medinah, Deutsche Bank Frankfurt
1996 Change of name to the current name EDEN-DESIGN GmbH
1990-2000 Acquisition of the first laser system TRUMPF 3003 with 2KW laser power, expansion of the production area by a further 2500 m2, construction of the polishing hall with polishing system up to 2000×6000 mm, development of the construction of 2 high-performance blasting systems for low-tension blasting of metal sheets, expansion of storage capacities.
2001 INTRODUCTION DIN ISO 9001: 2000
2005 Dipl.Kfm. (FH) S. Skischuweit joins the company as Co-GF
2007 Complete digitization of the design process to optimize the production of individual designs
2008 Handover of the entire company management to Dipl.Kfm. (FH) S. Skischuweit
2009 First accreditation as a manufacturer of automotive metal surfaces
2010 Modernization of edging and cutting technology with modern CAD / CAM systems, INTRODUCTION of DIN ISO 14001: 2005
2015 Modernization of laser system with fiber laser system TRUMPF 1030, 3 KW laser cutting power, specially adapted for design sheet processing
2017-18 Modernization of screen printing technology with digitized screen printing machines
2020 – 2021 Development of new business areas to secure jobs during the global corona pandemic

Due to the refinement of the techniques used in the processing of various metal surfaces, this internationally-oriented company, became an international company within  the first 10 years, which gained worldwide recognition and reputation due to the high quality standards and various references.

Our countless technical possibilities in the field of surface refinement and design are at the most, international state of the art and are constantly further developed.

The successful implementation of more than 5,000 projects led to the world-wide recognition of the company.

Today, EDEN-DESIGN is regarded as one of the world’s leading specialists and with its diversity and the possibilities of the world’s innovative designers for decorative stainless steel, brass, copper, and many more.