EDEN®-Metal Wire mesh

Our Eden- metal  wire mesh is an architectural highlight in every project.

Just like textiles, we weave solid metal wires. The wire mesh can be supplied as mats for further processing or as ready-to-assemble elements according to customer requirements, and are designed as standard samples or according to customer requirements.

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Fabric pattern: woven from 3.0 and 1.6 mm round wire
woven from 8 x 1 mm flat wire
Standard pattern: Formation 1:1
Formation 3:1
Formation 3:3
Formation 3:2
Surface treatment: The wire surfaces are groundraised wire surfaces in the wire directionraised wire surfaces, deeper areas coloredthe whole fabric treated in color.
Maximum formats: 2000 x 3000 mm
Special fabric: combined with different metals Made of: stainless steel, brass, special brass, bronze, nickel silver, copper, zinc and other metals