Our etchings are artistically designed for all decorative applications.
Etching design and structure patterns: Designed as a standard design or according to your customer requirements.

Standard etching: Single stage
Special etching: Multi-stage
Standard etching depth: up to 250 microns
Special etching depth: up to 600 microns
Unetched surfaces: Rolled, brushed, satined, mirrored or mirror polished
Etched areas: Etched or dyed in various processes
Special surface: all surfaces mirror-polished
Maximum formats: 2500 x 6000 mm (possibly limited by production sizes of the metal plate manufacturers)

Materials: stainless steel, brass, special brass, bronze, nickel silver, copper, zinc and other metals.
Combinations with design mattings, design dyes or metal platings of gold, silver, copper, nickel etc. can be carried out.Eden design etchings can be supplied as panels for further processing or as ready-to-install elements according to customer requirements.