Grinding and Brushing

Individual design finish

Multi-directional finish (from 2 directions) creates three-dimensional reflections. Here different areas are ground in different directions. Individual designs can be implemented according to your ideas.


Cross Grindings

Grinding of two directions that are at right angles to each other creates a crosscut. The use of different grain sizes creates different appearances. We produce non-slip cross grinding (certified R10) by using very coarse grains.


Vibration Satin / Angel Hair / Rotation finish / non-directional finish

A non-directional grinding pattern, such as our EDEN-VI-AH, Vibration finish “Angel-Hair” (looks like swirled shiny angel hair ;-))
Vibration grinding in various roughness levels is ideal for use in highly frequented public areas. Subsequent scratches are almost invisible thanks to the vibration base surface.


Combinations of finishes with other surface processes

Designs / ornaments and patterns are mechanically processed into the material through combinations with polished, roller-blasted or glass bead-blasted areas, whereby a wide variety of surfaces – characters for the architecture are created.

Hairline – Satin and Hairline cuts

Our Eden – HL / S – HAIRLINE SATIN is a fine long satin finish with a silky shine.
Other hairline finishes with different grain sizes are characterized by long ground lines “hairlines” and create an unusual satin pattern in difference to standard ground materials.


Standard cuts / Brushing

The classic grinding and brushing in different grain sizes as duplo-finish (grinding+brushing) is also available at Eden-Design.