Since 1969, our craft tradition has been in the field of surface finishing. Our personal high quality standard, our continuous development of the expertise and our exclusive surface techniques have made us an advanced manufacturer that combines modern technologies with the care of traditional craftsmanship.

In close cooperation with architects, builders, artists, industrial customers and designers, more than 10,000 projects were completed in more than 50 countries, which enabled us to gain many global players and numerous references. We look forward to working with you and jointly realizing your projects.

decorative matting by EDEN-DESIGN


With a high degree of precision and a high technical sensitivity, our Eden design manufacture produces both master pieces according to our own designs, as well as concepts from artists, architects and designers. In every project, we go to the boundaries of what is technically feasible with the available process techniques, these demand a high artistic sensitivity and a special relationship to the material. We not only set desired accents, but also create aesthetically integrated works in the appropriate environment, by using exclusively high-quality, value-resistant materials, we meet your highest quality requirements.