Manufaktur Eden-Design

Design Surfaces on Metal and Glass

Superior surfaces for decorative applications


Eden - Manufacture

Since 1969 our traditional hand-crafted surface techniques in connection with modern technologies have been around for over 45 years. Highest quality standards and steady developement of know-how and special surface techniques made Eden-Design what we are today, a modern company that unites technology with traditional craftsmanship.

Years of working closely with architects, artists, builders, industrial customers and desig- ners resulted in completion of over 10.000 projects in over 50 countries around the globe contributing to an increase in more references and global players as new clients.

We are looking forward working with you together by completing all of your projects successfully to your satisfaction.


No matter if it is your own design or those of acclaimed artists and de- signers, as long as it is doable our Eden-Design-Team is using highest precision and intrecate technical sensibility for all of our master pieces of craftsmanship. Using our special developed and re ned process enginee- ring with a close relationship and sensibility to the materials involved, all of our masterpieces are setting esthetically the right accent in their sur- roundings. Only the highest quality in long lasting materials guarantee the overall quality standard of Eden-Design.